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Saturday, March 01, 2008

And That's Who I Am...

I'm currently in Tampa, FL with my boyfriend, indie singer/songwriter Chris Nathan, and it's quite relaxing. He's here playing a few shows this week, and who knew that being on the road could be so relaxing? For those of the readers who are unfamiliar with me (I tend to keep my private life...well, private), let me indulge you in who I am :) My name's Christina, I'm 23 years old, and am a California girl living in Nashville, TN. The first question people usually ask when they find out I'm from California is "why did you move to Nashville?". The answer is simple: music! For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a professional singer/songwriter. I wrote my first song when I was 2 years old about Frosty the Snowman...he even had his own baby snowmen in the was a folk song I guess because it didn't rhyme but it did tell a story. When I was 9 years old I wrote and recorded what I considered to be my first big hit, ha! This song was called "One Night"...and it was about living your life all for that one night you die in hopes to see God. I still remember the lyrics: We live, we learn, we love, we cry, we try, we fear, we die all because of one night...errr...something like that. Pretty deep for a 9 year old. By the time I was 16 I had my first press kit finished (a full demo, photos, bio) and I sent it out to every record label I could think of. It didn't get me too far, but by the time I was 18 I was playing churches and festivals and eventually got to sing accapella in front of major record labels and MTV. Unfortunately, they all said "you're too bubble-gum pop and innocent, your voice is too simple, but you look great! why don't you think about modeling and being in music videos?" It was a flattering way of telling me I can't sing but at least I'm hot!

Needless to say when I turned 20 I gave up pursuing a singing career and focused on writing. I've won several essay contests, my poetry and reviews have been published by several publications, and my passion for music is undeniable...why not combine music and writing? Now here I am...I write music reviews, I'm a full-time journalism/art student, and I get to travel with the love of my life on tour and be surrounded by music everyday. My dream was always to live life in a tour bus and listen to great live music every night. My Chris Nathan (who some of you may remember I wrote my first review for Planet Verge on Chris) has one of the top indie albums ever made, and is one of the best live performeers/singers I've ever seen. His voice is what vocalists dream of, and I get to experience it every night at his shows when we're on the road. It is truly a gift from God! And for those of you who didn't read my review on Chris (shame on you!), if you like the sounds of the Black Crowes meets John Mayer with a spin of Dave Matthews Band then you'll love Chris Nathan because he sounds JUST like that description. All this babbling to say, God answered my prayers, just not in a way I expected...He did it in a much better way. And now my readers know who I am and what my life entails. If there is an interest, I'm going to start writing weekly updates of what it's like to be the girl next to the rockstar and life on the road. A behind-the-scenes journal from a different perspective.

-PV Girl Christina, the one forever beside the 6'6" rockstar ;)

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Joelle said...

THANK YOU for that. Proof once again that there are girls in the business of music because it's THEIR dream. And falling in love with someone along the way, who shares your passion and goals, is just an added bonus. It doesn't make you a groupie. But hey, he can be YOUR fan, too. haha

Enjoy it!