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Saturday, March 15, 2008

More free download news

On a complete side note to this post, I couldn't endorse Butch Walkers new website with more enthusiasm if I tried. It's worth mentioning again because anyone who missed the extensive article about this little nugget of independent rebel ion should use their little fingers, type in the address and head on over now for a peek.

Speaking of free songs, check out this little freebie. When you check it out you will also be raising awareness to a lovely UK campaign.
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Local upstarts The mars patrol (who I think I've mentioned on here before) have been working with the organisation, FREdome to promote their idea to control the energy crisis, climate change and disease. Keeping in the spirit of this article I am pleased to announce they are giving away one of their tracks 'Take a look at the world' for FREE on their myspace page to raise awareness. The band is currently working on a mini site dedicated to the cause, which will be online soon. There you will be able to show your support and help combat this problem.

The song is completely free (legally, really!) and straight from their EP 'making memories'. You can hear more tracks from this on their myspace. The band was in the US the end of last year and should they return I'll be sure to tell you soon.

so get our free download at the mars patrol myspace. and check out more about The mars patrol at the mars patrol website.

In other news, why is the US presidential election so exciting! If I watch anymore of
Larry King I'll explode. Not very British of me but having 3458397589347534 sky channels was never good for anyone’s social life.

New, proper planned half decent article coming soon.

Also, thanks to everyone who checked out the Invisible children Video, I, and the people at Invisible children really appreciated you taking the time.

*By Gina, who has just watched 'Into the wild' but is not tempted to burn all of her money

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