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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Review - Everybody hurts

A book review. A book review?! Apart from the mass of ‘arty farty encyclopaedias and design tutorials, there’s not much that’s makes for good reading in this abode - Unless you count the Dog the bounty hunter biography which, by the way is awesome! Having heard the awkward underground chatter about ‘Everybody hurts’, it was a pleasant surprise to see it sitting innocently on the book table of HMV’s across Scotland.

What’s initially appealing about the book are its writers. Leslie Simons and Trevor Kelley backgrounds and experience make them more than qualified to spell out the facts, the hilarity and the dam right stereotypical traits of what it is to be emo. Let’s face it. Everyone has someone emo within their circle of friends. Fact. For this reason even the toughest of action heroes (I’m looking at you Bruce Willis) could pick up this book and laugh.

So how can these two write 234 pages about being emo? Well without ruining the plot, emo isn’t just about the angle of your senior style comb over. It’s a life style. It’s about the books on your makeshift shelf, the DVD’s stacked on your television, the tempeh in your vegan diet and the threads that adorn you exercise deprived back. It’s a movement like any other, just a movement that is rarely written about.
Maybe it’s because the word emo has so many connotations depending on your generation, location or general prior brushes with this three-letter demon that more people take as an insult rather then compliment. This however, is what makes this book so endearing. Even though it has a light-hearted feel, it does go back to the foundations of the emo era and disescts how today’s scene became what it is

Even if they may not look it from the outset, this book will show you that even the most un emo looking people may be just like you! (William Shakespeare. Who would of thought?!) The quirky side notes and sarcastic remarks throughout this read are laugh our loud funny (or ‘LOL’ as the cool kids call it) The jokes are internationally understandable to emo audiences the world over (unlike the humour of Family guy). So if you fancy an education on the socially awkward or jut a good laugh, this book is for you.

*By Gina – who understands this is late, but we are a bit slow.


Joelle said...

oh man, when i was a senior, emo didn't even exist!

sara said...

emo boys are haut