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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Unwritten Law signs with Suburban Noize

Exciting news-Unwritten Law has signed with Suburban Noize Records AND the band is filming a live DVD at its March 7 show at The Key Club in Los Angeles. It's about time for a UL DVD.

After being passed around to several major labels and never really achieving the respect the band should have over its decade plus career, it's nice to see that an Indie label has stepped in to do what the majors failed at- making UL a priority.

Unwritten Law is a band that constantly surprises its fans. Each album shows new depths and is catchier and more pop-focused than the one it preceeded. Sadly, the lack of label promotion behind those albums left them pretty much unheard in the States- sans diehard fans who have stuck along thru it all and international fans (Australia gets it). Those who are dedicated reaped the rewards....

Take a walk down Unwritten Law memory lane:

The song that started it all for me: "Teenage Suicide"

"Rest of My Life" acoustic:

"Should've Known Better":

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