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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Concert Junkie: A Night at the Bowery

Not much can be said on what started out to be a quaint, chilly Friday night in New York City. The masses were slowly starting to enter into the spacious hall, otherwise known as the Bowery Ballroom. Jeff Taylor started off the night with some off-beat originals. He used the crowd as a supplemental beat for his bluesy "It Swell." The overall crowd reaction was puzzling. Half of them loved him, while the other half didn't get it. Regardless, Taylor adds a unique entity to any mix of minstrels.

While even more people were entering the Bowery, the Brooklyn duo, Pete and J assembled on the stage. Their blends of sound reflects a classic Paul Simon with a subtle hint of Wilco on their songs particularly "Number One" and "Luck Struck Kitty." Pete and J also got the crowd into a clapping beat during their song, "This is It."

By the time the Josh Dion Band took to the stage, the Bowery reached sold-out capacity. The band tore into, "Pilot." What made this night different than from all other JDB nights was a new horn section.

The bluesy rockers had a radiant swarm of energetic fans gushing for every lyric, note and chord in their repertoire. JDB continued to rock into the crowd pleasing "Feel," "Take the Time," "Makin' my Livin'" and "Hold Fast." Members of the audience started hooking up during the sexy tune, "Let's Do It Again" where singer Sarah Versprille shredded into a Joplin type-performance.

Lead singer and drummer Josh Dion and co. left the crowd begging for more after solos from Dion and guitarist Dan Hindman during "Birdwaker." Either a Moby look-a-like or Moby himself was standing in the crowd during the stellar solos (I swear to god). After their set had to come to an end and the lights of the Bowery Ballroom turned on, every single audience member knew they just witnessed history.

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By Lori, who had seen JDB more times than any other band since last spring. Go see Jeff Taylor, Pete and J, and JDB when they come to your rockin' area.

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