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Sunday, March 02, 2008

NME and Invisible children

I've had a weird day. Maybe even a weird week. I don't know but after taking stock and having a break from putting together a new website I finally sat back and watched a film I have had on my to do list for quite sometime.

I've always been quite a charitable person. I do my bit, help my people and get on my way. Over the last few weeks I've been feeling bad that all I really do is pay a bit of money. It's lazy. I want to do more. Whilst working on my website we have been thinking about how we can get charities involved. The guy I'm working on it with an I support different charities but they basically do the same thing. He gave me this film to watch and it has literally changed me. Not just in an 'I must do more' way but in an 'I will do more'.

All you lovely Americans will probably have at least heard of Invisible children. Be it not through their famous support of people like Pete Wentz but hopefully because of this film. 'Invisible children: rough cut'. If you are in the US the film is 20$ but if like me, US DVD’s will not play on your player you can see it here


I hate to sound like I am a forcing, preaching person but if I have this blog as an outlet I feel its only right even to just make people aware of what is happening. Even if you do not give anything to this, just watching the film would make mine and everyone who supports this really really happy. So please do. It's only 55 minutes of your life which will be about 5 times as long as some of these children. Thanks :)

On to lighter news the weekly indie rag NME hosted their awards last week here in the UK.I Thought I'd post up some winners and losers for you all. Not that I agree with them but important information all the same.

Best British Band - Arctic Monkeys
Best International Band - The Killers
Best New Band - The Enemy
Best Live Band - Muse
Best Solo Artist - Kate Nash
Best Album - ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ - Arctic Monkeys
Best Track - ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ – Arctic Monkeys
Best Video - ‘Teddy Picker’ – Arctic Monkeys
Best Dancefloor Filler - ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ – The Wombats
Best Music DVD - ‘Unplugged In New York’ - Nirvana
Hero Of The Year - Pete Doherty (sidenote: The NME worship this waste of space junkie)
Villain Of The Year - George W Bush

The rest of the awards were a bit pointless BUT, NME named The Hoosiers (a 'getting rather popular' indie pop outfit) worst band. I disagree but will let you decide.
Here are some people to look into.

I will write a more musically constructive piece next time, After I've made a difference and changed a tiny bit of the world.
Listen to 'foundations'
Listen to 'Worst case scenario'

gina x

ps. If anyone knows people supporting Invisible children or anyone involved I'd love to talk to them! thanks

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wow, i like the hoosiers