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Monday, March 03, 2008

Breakout Artist. There's no stopping them....


As I was eating breakfast this morning I put my ipod on shuffle and let the tunes come as they will. After hearing some throw-back Vanilla Ice (what a way to start the day!) a band that I had the chance to interview and watch perform graced my lil ears... Ladies and gentleman, and at that very moment when their new single "Don't Stop" bellowed through my kitchen and echoed through my house, I realized that innerpartysystem was more than just a little musical experiment from the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania.

Innerpartysystem has a sound that's mesmerizing and leaves you wondering..."how come I didn't think of that?" I feel as though right now music is stuck in a hole of a mindset. I feel that bands and artists are writing and producing to give consumers exactly what they want, exactly what the trend is, exactly whats selling the most units. Innerpartysystem is the band that's going to break the mold and give way to experimentation and new fields of talent that have yet to be explored. They are innovative and are melodically captivating. While they do have an electronica kinda background, they marry it with guitar riffs and unique drum patterns that set their sound completely apart from the rest. They have raw, yet refined talent that can only get better as it ages.

I say with all the confidence I can muster at this late hour (yeah, I'm into going to sleep early this week...), innerpartysystem is THE band to watch this year. They have an album expected to drop sometime soon, and from what I've's going to leave your jaws on the floor. If they have a show near you, do yourself a favor...go check them out, it's well worth the money. Their live performance is out of control, they are certainly a band that is able to make a record sound great and a performance sound amazing...not to mention they have a crazy sick super duper light show.

Check out innerpartysystem people.

By Amanda who is rockin' out right now.


Joelle said...

I JUST heard them yesterday streaming on Krock2. Nice timing


middle of nowhere PA? i think reading, PA needs a lil more respect.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, sounds a whole lot like the mold the Faint came up with over 5 years ago... only less interesting, more autotune, and terrible lyrics.

Anonymous said...

mohnton pa at that, not even reading.