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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Some nifty stuff to start your week:


So maybe they didn't break up after all! Sweet.

Drummer Mark Sutor posted the following in a MySpace bulletin this morning:
"First off, we're working on scheduling more shows, so don't worry about that...we'll get them posted asap.

Secondly, the tickets should be on sale very very soon for the Metro show in Chicago. Check back often."

Those of you lucky enough to live in the Chicago area should check them out in case they do wind up calling it quits after that string. Sutor is going back to school and getting a "real" job to pay his way through it. It'll be hard to tour if your drummer's studying for finals.

Jet Lag Gemini:

Did you know frontman Misha Safonov's first band's name was Blind Rabbit?

While packaging Frightened Rabbit videos at HIP Video Promo (he was there slaving for a few days before going back on tour), Safonov said that he and his bandmates at the time found a, well, blind rabbit that inspired their name. But how did he know that it was actually in fact blind?

"It's eyes were all stuck shut," he said. "I felt bad for the rabbit. It was a cute rabbit. But 'Cute Rabbit' would be a lame band name." So they went with its other most defining attribute.

In other Jet Lag Gemini news, you'll soon be able to hear them on Fox's March Madness coverage--"Run This City" is the station's token song for the basketball period.


PlayRadioPlay's Dan Hunter has posted new material from his upcoming album, Texas, on his MySpace. The three songs are a re-make of fan favorite "Madi Don't Leave," the album outro "Texas," and "Loco Commotion." "Madi Don't Leave" is a bit on the slower side, "Texas" is a short ditty with minimal electronics (I know, weird for him), and "Loco Commotion" is a mish mash of hooks, fast beats, and breakdowns. The full tracklist for the album is here:

1. Loco Commotion
1.5. Suddenly, I've Become A Perfectionist
2. I 'm a Pirate, You're a Princess
2.5. A Special Thanks To Dr. Allan C. Lloyd
3. Some Crap About The Furniture
3.5. Invisible Suits and Ties
4. Madi Don't Leave
4.5. For The Whole World/Room to See
5. Without Gravity
6. See You Soon
7. I'm Afraid There's A Hole In My Brain
7.5. Taxes
8. More Of The Worst
8.5. Lady Killers Wear Funny Hats
9. My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good
9.5. Cheap Paper With Full Color Advertisements
10. Corner Office Bedroom
10.5. Why Is Everyone Running?
11. Forgiveness, The Enviable Trait
12. Texas

The Starting Line:

Ken Vasoli and Company are driving the Absolute Punk boards crazy with their promise of a "huge announcement" that will affect ticket sales of their upcoming tour. The band and their management are holding a press conference online on Absolute Punk, leaving the site's members in frenzied suspense: Is the band breaking up? Are they starting their own label? Is Ken's side project Person L becoming his main focus? No one knows for certain until they spill the proverbial beans on March 5th--this Wednesday.


The inexplicably Grammy-nominated band have cancelled a string of European dates to sort stuff out internally. Hayley Williams has already clarified that she isn't pregnant. Twelve year old boys everywhere heave a collective sigh a relief.

More as it comes!

*By Jess, who has rekindled an old flame. That's right, she's rediscovered her love for Coco Puffs.

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Joelle said...

I really love the new Starting Line single and have been meaning to get the album. Hope it's good news!