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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Club sandwiches, not seals.

There are a few good things that come from Canada. They've got Hot Hot Heat, Alanis, maple syrup, and damn exciting hockey.

But our neighbors to the north also have some bad things, like Dave Coulier, ham that they try to pass as "bacon," and seal hunting. I'm not here to lecture on the first two, though I could--and so could Alanis, Uncle Joey. We're onto you.

In the past three years, nearly one million (that's 1,000,000--six zeroes) seals, most under three months old, have been killed for their fur.

This is a problem.

First off, fur is ugly. Second, it's not even the greatest insulation man has come up with, so there's not a single excuse to wear it.

Third: the seals aren't killed mercifully (the irony of which shouldn't be lost, gentle reader.) Even seals who are shot, not clubbed, don't die instantly--because many are shot from moving boats. For every bullet found, furs lose two dollars in value, so sealers are loath to shoot a single target more than once. As a result, most shot seals are merely wounded and left to agonize in their final moments.

Fourth, how could you possibly let something this cute suffer?

Go here to learn more, sign a petition, and find other ways to help the plight of these innocent animals.

*By Jess, who didn't come up with that title--she saw it on a t-shirt a while ago.

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sara said...

omg that seal is so friggin cute!