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Friday, March 14, 2008

Careless Reporting

It's hilarious how this week's issues of Life & Style and In Touch Weekly both ran half-page exposes on Pink's new man- "Butch Walker." Apparently, they've been spoted making out everywhere and there's pictures to prove it. One problem-- THE UGLY DUDE IS NOT BUTCH WALKER!

This is low for even a tabloid. Wouldn't you at least fact check the guy's picture and Google Butch Walker???
Tsk, tsk...

P.S. The REAL Butch Walker is happily married and even TMZ didn't know who he was when they posted a video of him as "Avril Lavigne's friend" getting into a tiff with paparazzi. Should I go work at these places?

Just as aggravating is Perez Hilton posting that My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero married "some random chick," instead of doing something real journalists do everyday-research! Then he could have posted that Iero wed his long-time love, Jamia, who runs Skeleton Crew with him. Or something like that. Anyway, Congrats guys! You looked beautiful.

What's the lesson to these tabloids? Don't try to report on things--like actually cool musicians-- you don't know. Or at least do your research first!

*By Joelle, who still quite enjoys flipping through the weekly rags for fun.


Anonymous said...

This is the first blog I've seen pointing out that Pink's new guy is most definitely not Butch Walker.



Alicia said...

Okay first of all helps. second Jamia isn't some random chick and Frank wouldnt do that shit, okay?
And on a positive note...congrates Jamia and Frankie!