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Thursday, September 06, 2007

And then there's the flipside.

While I appreciate and admire Ms. Tumulty's enthusiasm for her work, I want to point out that most music journalism isn't really like a gossip column at all, unless you're talking that Pete Wentz/Ashlee Simpson type garbage.

Most music journalists--the good ones, anyway--write about real experiences. Not all of these are positive ones, no matter how you try to spin it to appease their publicists.

Take, for example, Houston Calls. They stood us up--which we understand can happen, but then they threatened to sue us when I wrote a make-due show review to have an article to turn in by my deadline (which, I should add, actually complimented their music tremendously), then stood us up again for a make up. Writing this now, I still have a little bit of an expectation to receive a summons in the mail any minute.

Then there was Hoobastank, who tried getting me drunk when I was sixteen, and Wakefield, of whom J.D. was a total sweetheart and Ryan and Mike pompous assholes (Aaron wasn't around long enough for me to characterize him) with sticks up their asses and egos the size of my very own stick-free derriere (which is pretty large for a white girl).

The fact is, most musicians are, in fact, good people--but not all of them. Both my journalistic and personal integrity prevent me from glorifying douchebags, especially when there are so many more talented, genuine souls out there who can't seem to catch a break. If that makes me sound like a Page Six reporter, so be it.

*By Jess, who thinks you should buy Cinematographic by The Junior Varsity.

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