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Thursday, September 06, 2007

since we're on the subject...

....I'll just say that I was a big fan of Breaking Benjamin, as members of that band were once in LIFER. And LIFER was the first band I ever interviewed. My first interview with Breaking Benjamin was a phoner with Aaron--back when their first album came out. It went great.

By the next album, I suppose Rock Star status went to their heads. It was an in- person interview when they headlined Starland Ballroom and a disaster! I arrived at the venue and the tour manager didn't know where anyone was. He said something like "Ben (the singer) is passed out drunk and Aaron jumped off the tour bus and we have no idea where he is or when he'll be here." Nice. So they tracked down Mark, who was super cool in his LIFER days. This time, Mark who was not prepared for an interview, said he had to go brush his teeth and would be right back. I waited a half-hour and then left to go eat White Castle. I skipped the show and went to a movie. No more Breaking Benjamin shows for me.

On a brighter note, the best interview ever was when Jen and I interviewed The Used. Jeph was soo nice and talked to us for an hour, which is way longer than the standard 10-15 minute alloted time for interviews. He revealed details of his personal life that out of respect, we'll never print.

We're not out to bash anyone, but if you're a jerk, we have the freedom of speech to let people know. Just like when Jared Leto kicked our photographer in the shoulder and poured water over her camera --when she had a photo pass to be up there taking pictures. But he did redeem himself by being uber nice and even hugging Planet Verge crew numerous times after that occasion.

And I must mention that Frank Iero is super nice. It's obvious My Chem has a super-strict management team. It was barely impossible for us to get an interview approved with them when MCR hit it big. But when Ordinary Clothing was nice enough to introduce Frank to me one Warped Tour, he said I could interview him right there on the spot. The result? The first article on Skeleton Crew ever published, I think.

I'll leave you with that, before I reveal even more gossip.


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