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Sunday, September 16, 2007

In which Jessica dissects current pop culture phenomena

I don't understand why everyone is bitching about Britney Spears at the VMAs.

Was her performance lackluster? Yes. But what were we expecting? It's been long-established and accepted that the girl can't sing (though "Gimme More" has a sweet beat), and her much-publicized decisions as of late insinuated that she hasn't been operating with a clear head for about a year.

And really, are we done calling the woman fat? Try popping two adorably chubby-cheeked babies in two years before you judge her by her waistline, because given those circumstances, she looked pretty damn good (from the forehead down, anyway--I'm not going to get started on her weave).

Frankly, the most offensive thing about her performance was the spawning of Chris Crocker. I haven't even watched that video, because I'm already sick of that hideous mug infiltrating every virtual inch of the Internet. As a child, I had monsters in my closet who would beg for that douche to get work done and stop giving them nightmares.

I'm glad to know Kanye West, who publicly defended Spears and denounced MTV, is on my team. And I am on Team Kanye. Anyone who can reference both a Prince protege and the brand of gloves O.J. Simpson was acquitted of wearing in one song is my hero. I can't think of a single intelligent rhyme by 50 Cent, who has admitted to seeking to appeal solely to commercial interests. And my team won that battle.

If only the Jets, my football team, would do the same. Get well soon, Chad. And then start, otherwise I'm gonna owe a few guys at work some tip money.

*By Jess, who should be doing a crapload of political science reading.


Tahill said...

jess- what a stupid article. I'm really disappointed. How about you research your shit before you write about it. Look- she was supposed to have an amazing performance, magic tricks with Criss Angel and everything- until MTV said the stage wasn't large enough and they couldn't do it. So they had one day to chereograph everything over. She wasn't into it, because she knew it was going to suck.
So you're saying we shouldn't call her fat, but by her shaving her head and librerating herself, that should be looked down upon? Why don't we stand up for other women? How disappointing. Give the woman a break.

Planet Verge said...

Tahill -

Had you read closely, you'd see that the message I was conveying was pretty much identical to yours: The performance could have been a lot worse, though I think a professional would have given their all despite being unhappy with last-minute changes. However, the woman clearly isn't well, and given that circumstance, people need to back up off of her and let her regroup.

I appreciate your feedback.

- jess