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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What MY Media REALLY Is...

It has recently occurred to me that after all this time of writing for Planet Verge (and loving every single second of it), that I am actually becoming a music journalist. I thank Joelle from the bottom of my heart for all these incredible opportunities she has given me. This has opened doors that I did not know existed, and I will continue to venture in this world learning as much as I can about myself, music, and journalism.

There are some people and some people in bands that view the media as a gossip column, spreading the often elaborated and embellished untruth of the band...the somewhat fabricated opinion or half assed biography/interview of what the band is and what it stands for... NOT every journalist does this. The media can be good! There are writers out there that are looking to give you the truth about the music you listen to, and are the printed voice for what bands want their fans to know!

I am not a journalist that does an interview with a band I don't love or do research on, or listen to their albums and know all the words. I would put off writing an article on a band I could not do HONEST justice, I write an article when I have experienced them as artists and as people (music is more than what you hear on your ipod). You can not write about a country you do no know exists and that you can not find on a map with your eyes closed.

I am not condoning writing anything extra ordinarily sugar coated...write what you mean, mean what you write. I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities presented to me to learn about new talented bands through this expedition into journalism.

Attending the AP Tour this past April I had only really heard of Circa Survive, yet I had been asked to write about many of the other bands that were there... Thanks to Anthony Green, I discovered tremendous talent where I was not sure there was any (As Tall As Lions, who is playing in my car). Don't judge a book by its cover. You can not write an article or a book or a accident report based on hear-say.

I do not judge bands or their members on their past mistakes or career choices. I look at what they are doing for themselves NOW and what they are planning on doing in the future. Their past was once their present and they were judged and ridiculed then, what is important is that they are doing what they are doing NOW. I want to do what I can to show the people that read Planet Verge who the band REALLY is... When I do an interview, I don't sit on a bench and ask meaningless question after question, I walk around the venue with them, or I sit on their bus and read the paper with them...I get to know the band that I love as people and as the musicians that make up the band...

I refuse to provide a altered version of a bands existence, I will show you who the band really is...the way THEY want to be known...

I just want to take a minute and thank all of my friends...who are in bands. I will never show you as something your are not. I am on your team.

Sorry for my rant. I just wanted to make sure that all you readers know that I care about you and what you read about music...

By Amanda Tumulty...who is listening to a mix of all her favorite bands...thank you.

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Planet Verge said...

i think you perfectly summed up what planet verge is all about!

and i love this line--"music is more than what you hear on your ipod"

<3 Joelle