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Friday, September 14, 2007

A Look at What Makes DAMIERA so Damn Good.

In late August the NY band Damiera (Equal Vision) jumped on the join Scary Kids Scaring Kids on a few dates of their national tour. While I didn't have my photo pass until RIGHT before Boys Night Out hit the stage, I did not need to be close up the realize that these guys are amazing. They are a pleasant departure from the cookie cutter power pop punk mess that a lot of up and coming bands are mass distributing. Damiera is made up of David Raymond, Steve Downs, Josh Sparks, and Jayson Dezuzio. They are a band that you should most definitely without a doubt check out, they have a full length out entitled M(US)IC.

When I approached bassist Jayson about doing an interview, he was almost as excited as I was...which made me even more is some of what we talked about...

You guys have such a unique name...Where did it come from?
Jayson: an Italian gaming board (noun) - a place for strategy. the idea fit, as i started with an idea...and had to coordinate the pieces to fit the sound i had in mind.

What has been your biggest inspiration(s) thus far?
the people who have put aside everything in their lives to participate in this group.

What has been the hardest thing to overcome as a band?
finding the right people, again and again. i have turned every stone over countless times now to find the people who have had a part in this band.

Describe your music with one word...describe your sound with one word.

What was it like recording the album you have out now...what was it like going through the whole producing process as well? Jayson, you produced the album, right?
jayson had a clear vision of what we were trying to achieve as a band. though we weren't open to (literally) any experimentation during the recording process, damiera is looking forward to a much deeper recording experience this time around. having jayson in the band, maintains an enthusiasm to record, and we're all very curious to see what comes out of this process this time around.

What do you enjoy more, touring or recording?
making songs is feeling it for the first time, while playing them live is feeling them grow. apples and oranges.

Recently you enjoyed Scary Kids on tour, what has that been like?
we vibed really well with pierce the veil, dear hunter, sksk, and boys night out - we all wished we could have been on the entire trip with them, but the time we had was truly a blast.

If you could be any superhero...which one would you be?
james brown

What do you listen to when you are out on the road? What cd's are you rockin' out to?
blockhead, mew, mos def, the books, norah jones, al green, isley brothers, imogen heap,

What do you guys enjoy doing in your free time?
ha, what?

If you could only play ONE more show..EVER...where would you want to play it and with who?
access community shop in buffalo, ny (capacity 90) with those who wait, spirit of the stairway, counterfit, sleeping girl drowning.

What are your plans for the up coming year?
write. refine. record. refine. play. refine. repeat.

Where do you see yourselves as a band in the next 5 years?
where do you see yourself 5 minutes from now?

Final words... What should everyone know about your band?
we're very lucky to be able to live without address, transient, and artistic. we, extremely appreciative and thankful for the time taken to decide if damiera is a band worth a second listen or second thought.

By Amanda who will be at the next Damiera show in the area...

(and oh- today is my birthday!!!!)

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Anthony said...

This interview isn't with jayson. The answers don't make sense unless he's speaking from dave's point of view.