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Monday, September 17, 2007

Tip Du Jour - Random facts have a purpose!

I think I have a knack for obtaining a great deal of relatively random information. While random, much of it is actually quite useful and I'm pretty happy that my brain is a sponge for all the info.

Quick example - one might think that learning about the feeding habits of the whale shark has no relevance in day to day life. Generally, this is true. But, imagine you're on the phone with a client and they tell you they just came back from vacation where they went scuba diving and, you guessed it, they saw a whale shark. You would then be able to use your smarts to say something like, "They are huge, right? But luckily you didn't have to worry since they don't use their teeth for biting!" Far fetched? You'd be surprised!

Today's tip is to learn at least one random fact each day. Random facts are great icebreakers, keep your brain stimulated and when used correctly, can be an effective pick-up line.

So I'm starting this Tip Du Jour on the PV blog to spread the info - sometimes it might be those random weird facts, like that whale sharks eat phytoplankton, but more often I'll shoot for a tidbit that will more easily apply to your every day. Tips and tidbits about relationships, sex, work, money, restaurants, food and entertaining... keep checking every day for the latest and the greatest.

And remember, nothing is irrelevant!



Planet Verge said...

I love this idea. You're so clever!


Planet Verge said...

i love this, too!