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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Punk's "Bling-Bling"

Meet Rusty Pistachio, husband, guitarist, rock icon, hero, jewelry maker. For years Rusty has been hand crafting jewelry for stars and for the people that stumble upon his hidden treasures… Rusty's jewelry line is called PNUT (yes, kind of a take off of his last name...). A few years ago one of my best friends, Jay Weinberg (of the band CHAOSIS) introduced me to Rusty and his lovely wife backstage at the Conan O'Brien show. Jay bought a couple of his pieces right there on the spot, and from just checking out what Jay was buying and the few pieces left for others, I was hooked. Rusty gets much of his inspiration from his tattoos and music ( he is the kick ass guitarist in the infamous underground rock band H2O), his unique style and handcrafting ability has helped him create lines of charms, rings, key chains, etc that people like, Brody Dale, Joel Madden, Mike Dirnt, and Braden Steineckert are rocking.

Recently I checked out the website to see if there was anything new that I needed to update my jewelry box with and I stumbled upon a new line that I think everyone should jump on…

By Amanda who will be adorning new PNUT jewelry for her up and coming birthday!!

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Planet Verge said...

omg i love these! sold!