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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tip Du Jour - Eat Clean Protein

My mom told me yesterday that she nearly passed out at the gym because she was trying to be "like her daughter" and get in an intense workout.

Her daughter said, "mom, you didn't eat properly during the day leading up to your workout." I'm such a good daughter, right?

Eat energy foods. Eat clean protein.

Clean protein is low in saturated fat and obviously, has high protein content. Eating protein a few hours before your workout should help keep your head on your shoulders.

Examples: plain or baked tofu, chicken breast - grilled or baked without skin (white meat), plain yogurt (watch out for yogurts with high sugar content), skim milk, cottage cheese, egg whites

Great way to get it if you can stomach it - whey protein. Mix it with water, skim milk or with oatmeal for that extra energy boost.

*Jordana - who could use that extra energy boost...

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