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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A few reasons why I want to move to Illinois

I just love their music scene so much better than the shitty, cookie cutter hardcore bands New Jersey spits out every ten minutes. Seriously, I don't care about how loud you can scream, about how many times your girlfriend makes you cry, or how many carbon copy breakdowns you can insert into a song to compensate for your lack of melodic conception. As long as you go down the river and not across the bridge, I'll be happy. Moving right along, in no particular order:

The Junior Varsity. I say it all the time, but they are one of the most underrated bands ever. Yeah, they're going through some issues right now in regards to their vocals, but Cinematographic was just a killer record.

June. I reviewed Make It Blur a few weeks ago and won't repeat myself too much. Just know that they've grown up a lot and evolved into a very harmonious outfit.

The Elation. Clever lyrics, hooks catchier than tuna nets to dolphins--and, what do you know? They're cute to boot. And that rhymed, so I win. Which makes me elated. Which is cheesy and a bad pun of sorts. Which is why I will stop now.

Powerspace. I cannot stop dancing. This becomes problematic in the car when movement is limited and hands must remain at 10 and 2. Plus, they have the word "Snapbracelet" in a song title. I need say no more.

*By Jess, who would like to bake a pumpkin pie sometime this week and has given up trying to fix the layout of this entry--substance over style anyway, right?

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