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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Help Wanted Nights

Well, folks, Saddle Creek Records (Cursive, The Faint, Tokyo Police Club, Bright Eyes) has done it again ... an impressive new release from The Good Life! This time lead singer, Tim Kasher has created a music environment wrapped around a unique concept he developed for the new album called 'Help Wanted Nights'. Tim started writing a screenplay in 2006 and initially wanted to create a soundtrack for the film. Front to back - the record takes one through the events in a small town bar (which is the setting for his screenplay). It stays on track with Tim's emotional and narrative writing style - as heard in previous albums.

Since The Good Life released 'Black Out' in 2002, I've been hooked! Tim captures a sentimental approach to life that one can relate to amazingly well. His lyrics are so truthful and his voice so passionate - it's addicting at times. I wondered if that would come across so boldly in a live show - thus, I checked them out for the first time on Thursday when they played at The Triple Rock in MInneapolis.

The Good Life isn't the most energetic bunch of musicians live, but Tim's voice makes up for it. Also, bass player Stefanie Drootin's adorable style makes me want to hug her. Most of the songs came across more mellow live but, when it came time to rock out, the band became incredibly entertaining. Tim jumped down into the crowd during the last song with just his acoustic guitar ... unplugged ... and pure genius. Engulfed in the moment, the audience was speechless.

*by Jen Panczenko, who also enjoys Tim Kasher's other project Cursive.


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